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About Optic STB

We specialize in developing Set Top Boxes, Home and Stalker Applications for Set Top Boxes.

Optic STB Launchpad

Optic STB Launchpad

You no longer have to see the Basic and Boaring Screens of yout TVs. Optic STB Launchpad is here to makes your TV Look modern and customizable in several different ways according to your taste.

Optic STB OnAir

Optic STB OnAir

This is the best available Streaming Application that one can get. You can login using Stalker (MAG), M3U, Ministra, Xtream APIs and it works perfect with all sort of Streaming Middlewares including All versions of Stalker Middleware.

We took luxury to another level

About Brooklyn
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Some shots from our upcoming Product Features.

Set Top Boxes

Set Top Boxes

In terms of hardware, we manufacture good quality hardware for STBs that surpass European quality standards.

Home / Launcher Apps

Home / Launcher Apps

We also Develope customized System Softwares for TVs and STBs to replace Basic and Boring Standard User Interface Design.

Multimedia Streaming Apps

Multimedia Streaming Apps

We also develope state of the art Stalker / M3U Streaming Apps that turns an ordinary TV into a powerfull Gadget.

Our Service
Our Service

New RCU Design

Modern elegant looking Remote Control Unit Design with Special dedicated keys to operate OnAir App.

Illuminated Keypad

Enable user to see the RCU Buttons in the dark as the backlight light up buttons 5 seconds after any key is pressed and you can turn the backlight feature ON and OFF by long pressing Blue button for 10 Seconds.

Wide Angle Sensitivity

Unlike a regular Infrared (IR) RCU, Optic STB RCU works perfect with up to 120 degree wide angle between the IR Receiver on the Device and RCU IR Emitter.

Special Keys for OnAir Control

16 Dedicated Keys on the RCU put all special features of the OnAir App. on your fingers tips. You don’t have to go through complicated settings to access any of it’s main features.

Our Service


The comments below are just a sample of the 10,217 Optic STB Customers
who transformed their Streaming Experience with Optic STB.


Our Values

Each project makes us even more hungry. Hungry for more designs,
more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver The Best Possible User Friendly Interface Design to our beloved customers.

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